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Bad Mary

I became aware of these guys 3 years ago. They are outrageous!!!

I watched them on Social media as they touted their tour of Japan which was wildly successful

from what I was seeing.

Mary – You can’t keep your eyes off her – Yes, she is hot, but she is so fun – so energetic!!

The backup musicians “Gel” – Everyone thinks Punk is just about screaming and banging on those

three cords – Ha Ha – they are right!! Back then, Punk was.

Bad Mary has turned Punk into an art form, yet have not abandoned the original spirit of the music – What they have done is capitalize on an contemporary music genre which has had a huge effect on the entire Music Industry that has been so profound it will be many years before we will see the full effect of Punk on the music-loving community.

Because – Punk is a movement – as to grows and morphs into new forms and as other genres use punkish elements in their music – Like “Snailmate” – We will meet them soon -New punkers join the movement and it morphs again.

Therefore, I love the music Industry – it just gets better and better because – Ultimately – You are what the music is all about for me!!!

Thank you,

The Atlanta Voyeur

Introducing - Kittenhead


Kivi has been doing this a while and she has earned my love and total respect for who she is as a person. Kivi and Kittenhead – They Personify Punk – One of their Albums“Still Ain’t Your Bitch” Speaks Volumes.


I had been after Kivi for the blog for a long time – last year we had a little political squabble on Facebook I had to bow out – The support she got was, wow – I was not going to be chum for those sharks!!!


I waited till a few days ago, in fact, to contact her again and SHE RESPONDED – Lol – I did not drive her away with my intensity. This is how Kivi and Kittenhead have built such a loyal following. They will engage, Beat Down and forgive.


The Atlanta Voyeur

Introducing DAR RA


Dar Ra is wonderful - allow me to tell you why!!!  Dar Ra is not only a very talented Rock artist - in our conversations, which will lead to what will be a fantastic Video interview, have discovered - He is a JAZZ singer and every bit as good as Al Jarreau and that is NOT HYPE.

He has also shared with me a project called The K-Collective, a project that includes using sacred sound frequencies to change the consciousness of those who listen with strong drum and bass lines that energize and excite "The Higher Self" within us all. 


Dar Ra uses his musical mastership to give you a message - like the concept artists (Rush and YES) However, His message is not heavy or complicated - Reconnect your mind, body, and soul to better serve mankind!!!


The Atlanta Voyeur





​Introducing,  Rytious 


I became aware of Lunga "Rytious" Sithole from Johannesburg, South Africa three years ago I have been following him. He combines that hip hop genre with a traditional African sound


Where he lives this seems to be common as I have listened to several African Hip Hop Artists. Rytious's Music is mostly fun and danceable but if you listen closely - He is also influenced heavily By the struggle of South African Natives struggle for equality. In fact, one of the versions of his song "Reign" is done at a military memorial and features canons and tanks - signifying that in his eyes - the situation there is not just a struggle - it is a war against an injustice that should not exist.

A friend of mine and I were talking - Hip Hop is "Our Newspaper". This is how we sing about our struggle. Music is more than just an art - Music is a story - a record of mankind's development, triumphs, and its biggest Mistakes, such as racism.

The Atlanta Voyeur






Introducing,  Alyssa Marie Coon

I have never had a country artist on the blog before. What I look for in an artist is sincerity.  Alyssa has that. She is only 15 years old and has reached a surprising level of professionalism. 


She has a song - A Sara Evans Cover - "Born to Fly". It is typical country simplicity - country before it turned into a kind of electro-pop with a twang.


I like it because I can watch that and her latest "Oblivious" and see the development of her rich-voiced, smooth toned style into what will, I am sure will be a welcome addition to Country Music - The Storytelling genre.

"Oblivious" is about a boy - a boy she likes but he does not notice her - He is oblivious. Isn't this what many young women struggle with?

The Atlanta Voyeur

Review of:

“Corrugated Steel”

A new song by the band – Luna Rosa!!!

First – When I first started writing reviews I was picking artists at random and just DOING IT.

It seemed like an exercise in futility because no one read them at first. I really did not enjoy that but now that people read them and artists ask for reviews I feel truly honored to be able to be in a position where the people I am asked to do reviews for trust me with my little piece of the hard work these bands do and the struggles they go through to bring you their music – I love them all and I always present these wonderful men and woman in what I see as their best light.

Luna Rosa – I have been following these guys since 2015 when they just kind of popped up on Social media. I don’t even know if they were aware of my presence.

They began as a band back in 2015 and I have seen them working very consistently ever since – They are always performing and have gathered a huge – loyal fan base.

Their music – in general, is very good, very entertaining, contains a real message and is very professionally performed.

Now – about Corrugated Steel!!! – I will call it: Social Commentary. The song talks about the disparity between what we see on TV and in the media about how good life is, how humanity is shown this glowing, wonderful picture of how great life is –

AND THE HUGE DISCONNECT between that image and the life most of us are relegated to by the corporate masters and the governments who lie – cheat and steal from the people who make their huge profits possible and the governments who are in cahoots with them to make things appear better than they are in order to give us confidence in The System so they can get into our pockets. This is music for the common man and woman – the real people who see beyond the farce and work hard every day to keep themselves afloat on a sinking ship.

The corporate culture that values exploitation while giving back very little.
They get Concrete and Glass while we get Corrugated Steel.


Michael Wallick – The Atlanta Voyeur

Interview with Eyeball - Psychedelic Neo-Space Rock!!!