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Interview with, "The Andy Brown Troupe" an Atlanta Main Stay for over 30 years. Andy has developed a unique sound -very pleasant yet Thoughtful and Introspective. This interview was done at Charlot's Creole Cafe - 235 Mitchell St SW Atlanta, Georgia

I met Atlanta attorney Toby Butler at Bon Ton - 674 Myrtle St NE
Atlanta, GA 30308
and struck up a conversation and found out he grew up with Pete Buttigieg - A man hoping to be our next President.

Informative Interviews - Like the one below with


 The Creator/Producer and Director of


AND Actors

Comedian Emanuel Kewon Witherspoon - and Hip Hop Artist - LUCK CHIZZLE

Kofi _ Atlanta Street Magician who is more than a performer - He uses Magic to teach disadvantaged kids life skills - and does a Vegan cooking show!!!. On "The Square in Little 5 Points,.

Special Feature - EXCLUSIVE!!!


ATLANTA's Ugly!!!!

Appears Every second Friday on Youtube!!!

Some stuff is self explainatory

Flash Mob Instigated by - the Human DJ

I go wandering around some nights and just drop in on places - This is Fado's Irish Pub at 933 Peachtree St NE, Atlanta, GA 30309 - These two were such a delight. Mike and Andy